What Donnas has asked
me to convey to you!

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  1. Keep the breathing passageways and lungs clear:
    - Using equipment such as an " In-Exsufflator ", Which our grandchildren renamed after the Sesame Street Character " Mr. Snuffaluffagus ".

  2. Rest the breathing muscles:
    - Bi-pap (ventilation with a mask), Donna referred to Herself as a " Jet fighter Pilot ".

  3. Prevent weight loss:
    - Feeding tube - Bypassing that which no longer functions adequately , such as the swallowing muscles.

  4. Saliva Control:
    - Hand held suction device , various medicines and low level irradiation treatments.

  5. Safely moving about:
    - By using handrails, wheeled walkers, wheelchairs (including Head and neck support attachments), and a ceiling mounted transportable lift, allowing for safe transfers, and warm stimulating baths on a regular basis.

  6. The" Miracle "of still being able to:
    Focus on "What you are able to do", as opposed to "What you are unable to do"
    With the primary goal of-
    • - Maintaining good nutrition & range of motion, while continuing strategies to reduce the risk of falls , pneumonia or hospitalizations of any kind.


    Donna met each challenge with a grateful smile,
    in a manner that continually provided new hope for others,
    while acknowledging God's loving assistance every step of the way!

Bill and Donna with Cricket

Donna in wheelchair

Bill and Donna dancing

The Family

Donna reading to the Grandkids                   The Grandkids

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