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Ceiling  Mounted Lift in

Ceiling  Mounted Lift
(with floor type lift to right  in photo,  
for comparison purposes)

The transportable patient lift system with ceiling mounted track which we purchased , provided for safe lifts that were possible with the assistance of a single caregiver. As opposed to a Hoyer (floor type) lift which requires several persons to operate and significantly greater space / clearances, in order to lift and convey a patient  laterally to another location).

Donna wanted me to take the photo above with a floor type lift near-by in the picture  to convey the significant difference between the operational  principals , size and capabilities of a ceiling mounted lift system compared to a floor type Lift . It indicates how much more safe , compact and simplified the ceiling mounted system is for use in a carpeted, limited space in a home setting. The second photo in the bathroom setting  allows an observer to understand why the Hoyer lift is not capable of  transferring a patient into a bath  (unless the bathroom is extremely large and the bathtub is elevated in some manner, that would allow for the feet of the Hoyer lift to extend  under the tub).   In addition , to providing much safer transfers, we  found  that Donna’s  ability to have  a bath was  therapeutically beneficial in that it kept her muscles flexible for follow-on caregiver assisted  range of motion exercises of the arms and legs, while improving her over-all “quality of life / well being “.  The  Clinical staff at the Clinics that Donna participated in  (Syracuse University Hospital ALS Clinic) , and the (Buffalo / Western New York MDA ALS Clinic) ,  agreed that the therapeutic baths that were made possible through the use of a ceiling type lift clearly assisted in reducing painful muscle contractions that  can occur rapidly with ALS.

Capability for caregiver to stay close
to patient during transfer

The Voyager Portable Lift is the lightest portable lift on the market today, weighing only 12 pounds with the battery and lifting up to 440 pounds. Its lightweight design allows for portability and easy attachment to the Easy track  trolley. The smooth, quiet operation ensures the person being transferred is safe and comfortable. The patented Quick Release feature prevents having to lift the Voyager onto the rail, as well as saves time and battery power. 


Donna's Lift in a new home

Living Room


To bathroom through 24" door


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