Tilting Axis Wheelchair

We found that a a tilting axis (tilt in space) wheelchair, is particularly helpful for patients with a progressive medical condition that requires a wheelchair configuration that will allow for head and neck support ,as well as trunk positioning & support. A wheelchair of this nature with a curved back allowed Donna to be much more comfortable, particularly when the muscles in her neck became weaker. We also found the following additional benefits to be significant -

  1. The ability to tilt the chair back with legs remaining in a sitting position, helped Donna to relax her jaw muscles , allowing us to clean her teeth without her jaw locking involuntarily (a condition that can occur with ALS) .We found that this was extremely helpful in maintaining proper dental hygiene.
  2. The tilt in space wheelchair with head & neck bi-lateral support devices allowed Donna to hold her head in a comfortable upright position, enabling her to be up & out of bed every day, sitting in varying positions.
  3. The ability to tilt the chair to various positions also allowed for the re-distribution of her weight , preventing pressure sores from occurring.
  4. The picture on this page illustrates by the expression on her face how positively the use of this specialized wheelchair impacted her overall well being.

Our granddaughter demonstrating head and neck support devices


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