Wheeled Walkers



Full Upright Walker
from Follo Industrier - Norway

In our efforts to find new and unique equipment  we attended the 23rd Annual MedTrade Conference & Exposition at Atlanta Georgia in October of 2002.

The Eva Support Walker presented at the exposition, as pictured below is unique in that it surrounds the user in a manner that provides an equalized distribution of support.   It will restore confidence in walking, particularly when balance and lower body strength have been compromised by injury, surgery, or illness.

Most all local mobility and accessibility equipment retailers, such as Sheridan Surgical Inc., can order this walker (716-836-8780).  Kinsman Enterprises Inc. 618-932-3838 is the USA marketing agent in the USA for Follo Industrier, of Norway.

Eva® walker is manufactured in Norway by Follo Industrier. Tested & approved by

Norway’s prestigious Sintef Unimed Research Institute in accordance with E N -ISO 9999 

The extremely comfortable Soft cushioned forearm supports are adjustable to the users height


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