Maintaining Good Nutrition

In making this all important decision, Donna would say,
"Focus first on the food, medicine and hydration “needs & opportunities

Feeding Tube

Donna felt that the following was important to convey regarding feeding tubes

  1. In the whole scheme of care strategies, the feeding tube (particularly if it is accomplished early on) is a straight forward procedure & a very important one. It simply provides for a person whose swallowing becomes difficult, to be able to obtain appropriate nutrition & hydration. By having this procedure done early it can be used sparingly until such time that swallowing may become more difficult. As in other care strategies, having it in place and becoming familiar with it ahead of time is invaluable.
  2. The feeding tube allows for maintaining a well balanced diet through a variety of foods as well as providing for medicines, liquid vitamins, pills (crushed to a powder), prepared diets (such as a product named “Jevity Plus with Fiber ”), a variety of baby foods, or regular meals put through a blender, and hydration though various liquids.
  3. The benefits were significant such as, no weight loss or gain, no constipation, and no aspirated pneumonia , and the peace of mind that when she could no longer swallow adequately & safely , the tube could effectively allow for all nutritional and hydration needs.

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